The Vent House Media Group, LLC is proud to share with the world some of the most talented individuals out here trying to build a fan base and get discovered. We have officially launched our personal entertainment site. We would like to introduce THE VENT HOUSE MUSIC LOUNGE,  a social media platform made for "ENTERTAINERS" to show off their talents, rather a painter, film-maker, beat-maker, a model, fashion designer,  or set designer we want you here! THE VENT HOUSE MUSIC LOUNGE was created to connect various talents to like minded individuals and companies to enhance their skills and/or to collab, gain fans, and get gigs. We welcome all talents and expertise. Please hit the "JOIN NOW" button below and also subscribe by entering your email to receive notifications from our company to view all of the exciting content, services, talent, and events we have to offer and share . Thank you for your time.

                                                                              "NETWORK, COLLAB, MAKE IT HAPPEN"                                                                                 THE VENT HOUSE MUSIC LOUNGE


We love helping out in the entertainment  industry anyway we can so below you can register your Artistry name or business to receive a certified mark for those who maybe interested in working with and or for in the near future. We want to make sure that we know every individual and company on a professional level so we can share with the world. Read each description before submitting any request or personal information to our system. You must be a paid member to utilize "PROJECT FUNDING". Please sign up before submitting any forms below. To join, simply hit "THE VENT HOUSE MUSIC LOUNGE" button above to be sent directly to the sign up page. All information sent is stored in a safe and secured location. 


We want to make sure we know about all of our participants so we can speak on their behalf when services and Collab's are requested by other like minded individuals or from the public . Here you will find the "Artist Registry" form to register your brand so you can be listed as verified and trusted member.


We love to support the entertainment and creative industry anyway  we can so we decided to make  it easy for all of our paid members to create and promote their work without the financial burden that comes along  



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